Tekkerz® – A football program and multi-level curriculum designed to develop the technical skills of individual players and overall game play using a ‘maximum touch’ approach by:

  • mastering multiple ball skills using both feet
  • maximising touches through dynamic passing drills
  • enhancing ball control and body positioning
  • improving balance and agility
  • speeding-up the decision-making process through intense small-sided games

Besides working on hundreds of skills and ball mastery drills, players practice dynamic high-intensity drills that encourage a lot of touches of the ball in short periods of time. Average training sessions, a player may touch the ball 200 times. With Tekkerz, players touch the ball 200 times in the first 5 minutes, and over 1,000 times in a session.

The program is structured for all levels. We run various age groups and separate players by level into smaller groups so we have an effective and manageable Coach-to-Player ratio. 

The Tekkerz® curriculum is based on the Football Association 4 corner philosophy of every session consisting of Technical, Psychological, Physical and Social skills.

We have then incorporated our own 8 spoke session plan to incorporate the skills

Individual Skills – Players learn skills of varying degrees of difficulty, both with left and right feet to help them take on players, get out of tight situations under pressure and build confidence with the ball.

Ball Control and Footwork – Players work on how to control different sizes of balls in close quarters, using both feet, instep and outstep with a focus on keeping the head up.

Dynamic Movement Patterns – Agility, Balance & Speed – Players are put through various drills with the ball to improve these important areas of the game.

1v1/2v2 – Players look to apply skills, ball control and footwork in multiple format ‘attack & defend’ scenarios.

Passing Patterns – Players work on their passing, receiving and body position though intense passing drills where reaction and concentration are the key.

Control, Touch & Body Position – Players work on their touch and control (feet, chest, head) using equipment including rebounders and football tennis nets.

Small Sided Games – Players apply what they learn and work on their decision-making through intense 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 small-sided games. Maintaining possession is the key.

Football Homework – Players will be encouraged to practice outside of class through direction from the coach and access to the Tekkerz® Player Development Platform.


"We Love Tekkerz"

“We absolutely love Tekkerz! My son joined Tekkerz in 2017 as one of the first joiners. My son has thrived and enjoys it so much. The coaching team provide a fun and friendly environment for the kids to excel in. The level of coaching is excellent and helps kids truly develop as individual players and as a team. It is amazing how much talent that the coaches are able to develop from the kids. The coaches are not just good, they are great role models! Also, Tekkerz is like a family. Approachable, fair and always willing to go that extra distance. They really take the time to help your child feel settled and comfortable which makes me a proud parent with my decision."

Mrs Thomas, U8 Parent

"Outstanding Football Coaching"

“PSA and the Tekkerz program has given all three of my sons an outstanding football coaching experience. The program itself has allowed them to develop skills, ball control and an ability to play the game in a really fun and engaging environment. Coach Baz in particular not only has the football skills and coaching ability to get the best of the players, he has a calm and nurturing disposition that children of all ages really enjoy”

Ben L, U6, U9 & U11 Parent

"High intensity training"

“Tekkerz has been everything we’ve wished from a football club since we moved to HK. The children swiftly develop skills from high intensity training sessions, games and tournaments that are geared to children of all ages and abilities. The coaches are superb at stimulating a love of football in the youngest ones, building their skills and ability up through the years, and producing talented football players in the Tekkerz philosophy. The Tekkerz community is more than a football club, it’s an extended family, and I couldn’t imagine DB without it.”

Barry R U8 Parent

"Coach Baz is a brilliant coach"

"We joined Tekkerz when it first started and couldn't be happier. Our sons have loved the dedicated skills training in addition to their normal football training. Coach Baz is a brilliant coach and gets the kids working hard but at the same time with smiles on their faces. Our boys have been with other teams and academies before but Tekkerz has by far been the most beneficial for their football development and we have loved the family feel the club has as well.”

Mrs Traino, U14 & U12 Parent

"Improved in fitness and techniques"

“Sean has been playing at a club for 6 or 7 years before Tekkerz, and it is at Tekkerz that he is made aware of techniques for the first time. The methods and drilling really paid off. While he says that he has improved in fitness and techniques, what impresses us parents the most, is how those improvements have changed his attitude at matches - He is now a lot more proactive and he tackles very well and with confidence. A big shout-out to coach Baz for helping Sean become a stronger player.”

Eva T., U14 Parent

"Such an acceleration of improvement"

“My 8yo son has never shown such an acceleration of improvement until joining Tekkerz. Coach Baz delivers focused and attentive coaching while ensuring a good balance of technical training with fun match style play. Very highly recommended.”

Derek H,U8 Parent


Whatever the level, our players have the opportunity to either participate in regular friendly games with local teams, both home and away, compete in Hong Kong youth leagues and/or represent Tekkerz at various tournaments, including those we host ourselves and invite teams over to DB. Most age groups have multiple teams based on ability with a focus on development, but  players can also move up the groups as they show progression.

From the 2021-22 season, Tekkerz has joined the Hong Kong Junior Football League, with teams in the U7, U8, U9 and U11 age groups. The HKJFL was set up in 1999 to provide competitive football in Hong Kong and has been instrumental in raising the standards of local youth football in the territory. The standard of football is very high and some of the players have gone on to play in overseas Academies and Clubs.

In addition, players are encouraged to access our Player Development Platform and work through the skills levels outside of the classroom and then practice these skills in training, in 1v1 practices and in matches.


Player Development Platform


Players and parents from U6 to U12 receive access to our online PDP Platform – an online resource to help guide players to practice outside class and achieve clear goals of skills acquisition. The platform consists of a library of 12 levels, beginner to advanced, with each level containing around 15 to 18 skills.

Each skill is clearly demonstrated and explained, and once shown that each level is mastered, players receive a virtual certificate in recognition.