Activ8 – An Active Body – An Active Mind 

Activ8 is a before-school physical exercise programme based on dynamic movement patterns to stimulate, encourage and progress physical literacy in primary students.

Activ8 is not a replacement for school PE sessions or sports clubs, but complements these activities and is for any student, boy or girl, whether they play sports on a regular basis or only exercise through the school curriculum.

Activ8 goals are to help children achieve the ready-to-learn status through a fun dynamic movement program, as well as promote social and physical well-being. The programme is based on a specific Dynamic Movement Pattern syllabus that is similar to SAQ, with 8 clear steps:

  1. Techniques and benefits of warming up and how to apply them
  2. How students can improve the way they run/move- using proper technique
  3. Improving quick feet using agility ladders
  4. Agility exercises
  5. How to make ourselves faster with the use of resistance
  6. How to apply our learning in a physical education environment
  7. The techniques and benefits to a warm down and how to apply them
  8. The benefits of nutrition, before and after exercise.

Each child can develop as an individual whilst working also in a group.

The 8 goals of Activ8 are to:

  1. Promote physical exercise at a young age – introducing good habits early
  2. Introduce good practices for dynamic movement techniques when children play sports
  3. Enhance a child’s overall well-being
  4. Increase a child’s ability to be physically literate
  5. Increase alertness and concentration levels at the start of the school day – information processing, storage and retrieval
  6. Teach and improve posture
  7. Promote healthy eating habits
  8. Develop social skills, communication and teamwork so a child gets along well with others.


“Before-school physical activity increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain, which activates children’s ability to focus, be more energetic and encourages positive behavior.”

Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Sciences.

“Physical activity before, during and after school promotes scholastic performance in children and youth. Exercise and fitness are beneficial to brain structure, brain function and cognition. Even a single break for moderate-intensity exercise can boost brain function, cognition and scholastic performance.”

Source: The British Journal of Sports Medicine.