PSA Address

608 Laford Centre, 838 Lai Chi Kok Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Dirk – +852 9770 4548
Barry – +852 9043 3095

Email Addresses

Barry – [email protected]

Dirk – For Tekkerz specific enquiries – [email protected]

For schools, clubs or general enquiries – [email protected]


"We Love Tekkerz"

“We absolutely love Tekkerz! My son joined Tekkerz in 2017 as one of the first joiners. My son has thrived and enjoys it so much. The coaching team provide a fun and friendly environment for the kids to excel in. The level of coaching is excellent and helps kids truly develop as individual players and as a team. It is amazing how much talent that the coaches are able to develop from the kids. The coaches are not just good, they are great role models! Also, Tekkerz is like a family. Approachable, fair and always willing to go that extra distance. They really take the time to help your child feel settled and comfortable which makes me a proud parent with my decision."

Mrs Thomas, U8 Parent

"Outstanding Football Coaching"

“PSA and the Tekkerz program has given all three of my sons an outstanding football coaching experience. The program itself has allowed them to develop skills, ball control and an ability to play the game in a really fun and engaging environment. Coach Baz in particular not only has the football skills and coaching ability to get the best of the players, he has a calm and nurturing disposition that children of all ages really enjoy”

Ben L, U6, U9 & U11 Parent

"High intensity training"

“Tekkerz has been everything we’ve wished from a football club since we moved to HK. The children swiftly develop skills from high intensity training sessions, games and tournaments that are geared to children of all ages and abilities. The coaches are superb at stimulating a love of football in the youngest ones, building their skills and ability up through the years, and producing talented football players in the Tekkerz philosophy. The Tekkerz community is more than a football club, it’s an extended family, and I couldn’t imagine DB without it.”

Barry R U8 Parent

"I highly recommend the Tekkerz"

"“I highly recommend the Tekkerz program. Their maximum touch philosophy and time spent on the ball means that no child gets left behind no matter what their skill level. Baz is a brilliant coach who knows how to get the best out of every child he works with. He creates a fun atmosphere for children while teaching all the skills required to develop as a football player and person.”

D Fryer U10 Parent

"Tekkerz is a great club"

“Among many business minded football clubs Tekkerz is a great club with high professional  standards and committed management and coaches. The coaches are amazing and know how to inspire children and get the best out of them.” 

M.R., U9 Parent

"exceptional commitment and passion"

“Coach Baz’s deep passion for football has a great influence on my son.  His exceptional commitment and passion in coaching young players make him not just the best coach but also the role model of my son”

Denise C,U9 Parent