Dynamic Kids is a safe, enjoyable and interactive physical exercise program based on fundamental and dynamic movement patterns to stimulate, encourage and progress physical literacy in kindergarten students, ideally 3-5 years old.

The program’s goals are to help children achieve the ready-to-learn status through a fun dynamic movement program, as well as promote social and physical well-being. We also aim to help students understand class etiquette and contribute to class discussions as they get older.

Dynamic Kids is based on a specific ‘Fundamental Movement and Movement Framework Syllabus’ with the following clear steps, sequenced to form a comprehensive program:

  1. Locomotor Skills – Dodging, skipping, hopping, jumping, running, walking
  2. Manipulative Skills – Throwing and catching, striking with the feet and hands, striking with an implement
  3. Stability Skills – Balance, landing and rotation
  4. Body – What the body does
  5. Space – Where the body moves
  6. Effort – How the body performs
  7. Relationships – How they occur in movement

Each child can develop as an individual whilst working also in a group in team play.

The 8 goals of Dynamic Kids are to:

  1. Promote physical exercise at a young age – introducing good habits early
  2. Introduce good practices for dynamic movement techniques when children play sports
  3. Enhance a child’s overall well-being
  4. Increase a child’s ability to be physically literate
  5. Increase alertness and concentration levels – information processing, storage and retrieval
  6. Teach and improve posture
  7. Develop social skills, communication and teamwork so a child gets along well with others
  8. Promote healthy eating habits