The Dynamic Movement Patterns (DMP) Program is designed to help students and athletes of all sports develop and increase their ability with speed, agility, balance and quickness as well as coordination and the correct running mechanics.

DMP is a sequence of events which enable an extension and flow of each section. The specific aims of DMP sessions are to develop and extend fundamental skills, increase core strength, balance and co-ordination and ultimately complete control of the body.

The DMP sequence is a collection of events which can be used individually or together to improve general/specific physical performance.

These include:

  • Dynamic Flex Warm-Up – An introduction to warming up on the move, starting slowly and increasing both the range of movement and the tempo
  • Mechanics – Correct running techniques and body positioning to increase capabilities on the move
  • Fast Feet Stimulation – The use of speed ladders to increase foot to ground contact time, reinforce mechanics and develop complex movement patterns
  • Coordinated Circuits – Using ladders, hurdles, cones, poles etc., sports specific circuits can be used to develop programmed agility as well as conditioning the athletes
  • Explosion – Short, sharp explosive motions, using resisted/unresisted contrast phase – parachutes and resistance belts are great for these
  • Amalgamation – This is the area where we can put the sessions skills into sports specific or generic movement sessions
  • Dynamic Flex Warm-Down – The cool down period reversing a lot of the warm-up, but utilising static stretching as well and includes a reflection component.


PSA also organises independent workshops for teachers, coaches, players and anyone interested in either improving themselves or their students and players in the fundamentals of dynamic movement patterns.

If your school, club or organization is interested in organizing an in-house workshop, please feel free to contact us for a proposal and quotation.